About the developers

  • Marinus van Herpen
    Marinus was eduSpec’s project leader in the first phase of its development and currently has an advisory role.
  • Eelco van Dam / Peacs
    Eelco coordinates the technical development of eduSpec and does a part of the programming work.
  • Kees Oerlemans
    Kees is responsible for eduSpec’s didactical set-up and for its layout and styling.
  • Tim Cooijmans
    Tim is responsible for most of the project’s programming work. Adapting Drupal modules and interfacing the JSmol applet to Drupal are two of his many achievements.
  • Tom Bloemberg
    Tom is the current project leader in eduSpec’s development and is responsible for its spectroscopic and spectrometric content.
  • Student-assistants:
    A team of students assist in generating content for eduSpec. Students that contributed so far are:
    • Sander Lambregts
    • Onno van Dillen
    • Leyla-Cann Sogutoglu
    • Robin van der Stelt
    • Joost Lamain